Grace: Hope Perfected [2011]

by NAK




Once upon a dark time, I pondered the true meaning of "hope."
This is what I found.


released 27 May 2011

All instrumentals produced by their respective artists.
All tracks engineered and mastered by NAK unless otherwise stated.
"Christa Grace" produced and mastered by Julian Pastorelli.
"Keep Moving" mixed and mastered by Evan Awake

Special thanks to: Perservering Destiny, Glenda Gonzales, Gabbie Gonzales, Paul Abesamis, Julian Pastorelli, Noel Price, Back2Pluto, Bob42jh, Evan Awake

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Track Name: NAK x Michita - Heartmelt [Prelude]
Am I extraordinary? Not necessarily.
Just trying to follow Christ while I'm maintaining my sincerity
guaranteed a mic, eternal life, and so apparently
provided with a clarity that buries all disparities
...I try replicate the theory-
-as I meditate... my mission is to respirate the weary
I fail with my decisions- now my face is in the linen...
...laced with inhibition, now I'm breaking the submission-
-pouring out the malice, rip the core from out callous
All aboard, soaring over the aurora borealis
Orator to palette meanings deeper than appeared to be
My God loves art... He's repeating, "'draw' near to me..."
...Like a sky with a vortex of butterflies
Like a mother with a cortex of lullabies
Baby stumble over, but he's open for another try
Hope is now revived and multiplies under a sunny sky

-I left the past in the soil... it began to grow roots
Back in mass years and I ran to pick fruit
It's funny how death only makes life grow
Kinda like Christ when He saved my soul
I'm whole. I see through the lies of dark rulers
Designed with 20/20 eyes of a sharpshooter
Doubling my blessing, kinda like two suitors...
...I'm living proof that God could use losers
... yet this sadness gets the best of me
I try to run and hide so that it doesn't grab the rest of me
Grabbed the arm of God and then He handed me the recipe
I screamed at the enemy; "you are not a threat to me"
you are not a threat to me! I'm taking back my destiny!
there's no longer death in me! I'm taking my identity!
so cry with me, cry with me, freedom for the living!
So fly with me, fly with me, life is just beginning!

Lyrics © NAK Music
Track Name: NAK x m-taku - Hourglass
Time unravels the layers we need to hide the scars
The rhyme enables the prayer to feed the silent hearts
I dream the least of these will reach into the highest star-
...see the galaxy... gleam across the sky of Mars
We're all broken, but together we are priceless shards
Life's a masterpiece- and pride defile the finest art
...And this place is so dangerous.
...The moon hides away its face... its so ashamed of us
Far from perfect and the little girls are hurting-
-Scars furnishing the surface like their skin and hearts are worthless
Burning... her face into the sour back hand
Since when did "man" turn into a coward's last stand?
-A true man abandons the cannon he can't man
And handles humility down a path can't plan
Time is of the essence to empower rap fans
So my hands'll make a castle with the hourglass sand

Approach the homeless while I'm gloating in this coat of arms
I know it's hard, the snow is harsh- I got a frozen heart -
It's so cold, it got me closing up these open arms-
-I play the hand that's dealt to me; they look like hopeless cards
Cursed inheritance... projecting all my arrogance
to shoot up into heaven now its raining dead seraphim
Like a kitten be kicking a ball of yarn-
-I got... Grace in my heart, my chest, legs and arms
- it hurts to learn the truth... when it surfaces above
I'm lurking in my blood from the person that I love
Better context, drawing the connection...
My efforts for success is for blessing my whole collective
Striving for perfection is a never-ending lesson
- dedication to reception to the funeral procession
It's time for the succession, I'm here lead the chosen-
-Like Moses; with faith that provokes an ocean open

Make way, you clouds, the sun is coming out
So put down your grudges, 'cause time is running out
God, paint the sky, the sun is coming out
Let's learn to forgive, 'cause time is running out
Farewell to the night, the sun is coming out
End all the hate, 'cause time is running out
Grace is renewed when the sun's coming out
So let's learn how to love, 'cause time is running out

Lamentations 3:22-23
...His compassions never fail. they are new every morning.

Lyrics © NAK Music
Track Name: NAK x 少先组 aka Clown - Take Care (Mits)
(Dedicated to a person that I once knew.
Three verses. Three phases of my life.)

Love is patient and kind... it's never angry nor boasts
It always trusts, perseveres, always handling hope
Hate, jealousy and pride, it will never provoke...
I want to learn what it means, God... show me the ropes
Hidden within a lie; been living it every day since
-she traded her identity for misinterpretation
The ache and the strain all the weight made her cave in
(And tricked by the serpent, her faith was forsaken)

[When you left]
My face hit the pavement I prayed for you day- in
day out, raincloud, (hail) precipitation-
-Bathed in my hatred, the pain that you gave me.
I know you never left, just your layers were changing
-Faithfully waiting... the pendulum snapped
All I wanted was my best freaking friend to come back
-You knew best that I never looked better in black
You lost track; but I know you much better than that
Watched you adapt; but felt so tethered and strapped
I wasn't able to grab you when you fell and collapsed
-Your new man can't act like he's quelling the fact:
your name's written in my chest- and you spelled it in caps
I miss you; your rhythm, and your beauty and composure
The distance only boosting my immunity to closure
(It's over) Time's up, all the ticking has stopped
Glimpse at the clock; both hands flipping me off

(All the while) I think my sanity is far from my aim's reach
'Cause love and rationality's a fork in the main street
...Unfortunate enough... but of course you betrayed me...
I'm broken like some... sort of a porcelain vase thing-
-quaking, and falling four stories and breaking
...(I want to run away) wherever the Delorean takes me
Like court dates followed by a horrible slaying
-Courting and dating has always found a way enchain me...
(I'm so lucky) I was made to be tossed into a fountain
The toll of the bells... re-sounding my anthem
...Ghost in a shell... now bound to a ransom
Kissed with a witch, rebound with a phantom
...Nak dies when the pride is awakening
...Unshaken by the statements you're making
"The fish in the sea's all yours for the taking"
(You could do better) must not know who I'm chasing

-You disappeared again like a vapor in the wind
And I wish you all the best; with this paper and a pen

...The last thing we said was "have a nice life."
(Didn't think it was right) so this is my official goodbye:
-God has you on His mind... His plan for you is great.
He doesn't care a minute for the past that you made
...They say that you're dense, but I know you're intelligent.
-And wear sunblock. Your skin is so sensitive.
...And watch out for those animals and plants
Prepare in advance; put that Benadryl in your bag
Pray before you act... -I know best you're impulsive..
Before you come back, leave your stress in that ocean
Stay focused... These guys'll want a date
-If you fall hard, just promise me he's an upgrade
I'm so blessed that you came in my life
We haven't spoken in months... but I pray every night
That one day I might meet the real you yet again.
My best friend. (I'll stay here) I'll end there.
Take care.

Lyrics © NAK Music
Track Name: NAK x Julian Pastorelli - Christa Grace (Ode to the Broken Family)
And you are more than just a memory, the source in my identity
The hope in our heredity, be coursing through our legacy
My fortress at the mercy to the forces of the enemy
So listen to the misery I pour into the melody
Christa, something’s wrong with me, I’m losing my autonomy
I feel the devil wandering and ripping out song in me
A godless odyssey and honestly, it’s haunting me
My cardiac is hardening... quality is darkening
A sinner dreads up upon his prison bed
Listen to his heart, it feels as if the rhythm’s dead
Weak like Delilah slipping scissors in his dreads
Redirect the breath of God to you so you could live instead
I thank God you never had to ponder
What it’s like to live a life with an absent father
Accept my offer, access my heart’s wish
Watch every single color pass into scarlet
Now... do me a favor baby, shoot me a wager
And prove to me your confidence in hope ain’t endangered
Loosely insane words, I spew on this paper
Aimed at liberation but ain’t soothing the anger

God, I need you... tell my sister
All I feel is that I miss her
Swings and slides turn rings of fire
My sights on the lights in the sky... now fly!
Christa, watch me fly. Christa, watch me grow.
Sister, watch me triumph. Sister... watch me flow.
These walls don’t talk but they cry every night
I fight to survive but I die every time
I’m so happy, and I thank the academy
For laughing as I play a man who battles for his sanity.
...There isn’t any breath in me left
This is the true definition of identity theft

The sun above my head projects the pain within my shadow
The rain will spur the shame and pave the way in which I travel
Engraved upon my brain’s your name; I need you here now
I take the time to pray so I could feel you near now
Scared to show my heart in fear that people might be sick of me
I know enough to know that you’d accept my inconsistency
Tell me that I’m loved, and break it to me that I’m selfish
Embellished in my misery and only you could help it
help me in my struggle in controlling my dysfunction
Help me as I recklessly indulge in my destruction
So hold me from this evil, feeble folding to seduction
Lies I put my trust in; I love that I am nothing
Wait, I hate that I am nothing! And if only you were breathing
You’d be my freaking reason for the smile in which I sleep with
I need your reassurance when my hope has been defeated
So tell me I’ll be fine, and I don’t care if you don’t mean it

Lyrics © NAK Music
Track Name: NAK x Michita x Evan Awake - Keep Moving (Nujabes Tribute) [Evan Awake Remix]
Little boy is deciding to be man
The handle of a dagger he's sliding it in his hands
Straight face with a decorated battle stance
Separating innocence, a fancy for an avalanche
...Driven as an obsessed villain
An untouched spirit with a blood lust vision-
-Run to the village with a thrill... (now kills it)
-But guilt kills him; now he wish he was a kid again

Like Marines bleed televised, in front of his mother's eyes
Rudder on Titanic, (iceberg to its underside)
Sickness in an orphanage; condition where the tummy dies
(I'm crying...) 'cause I miss looking up into a sunny sky...
...Can't stand this house- I ran out
The rain came down, streets looking like celadon-
-Camera pans out, showing the dang clouds-
-All this, now I'm running out of stars I could wish upon?
I'll admit I'm wrong... at least i'm honest
Bothered with a passion like an angry alcoholic-
-Cliche sonnets, (the secrets in my closet)
'Cause Pandoras box ain't enough to hold em all in
So step into the future, and enter a dimension
And sent a picture message to myself in the present -
(But) -pathetic are my efforts... no matter of the quality...
-'Cause even on my Tumblr, my past still follows me.

I keep losing
It seems useless
But deep bruises
Will not move this.
I keep moving.
Let's keep moving
-Never cease to pursue dreams; reach and keep moving

It's funny how it happens; dripping off of my eyelids
The monkey on my back moved on before I did
Walking contradiction; funeral cake...
-What I thought to be fate was a future mistake
-take into consideration every single interference
is another way in which God takes shape
...And all while, I'm trying to find the reason
And waiting for an answer, but changing are the seasons
-A man said, (Nak, it's a simple recipe)
I open up the napkin... it read "open sesame..."
...In one instant, He turned into a gate
And told me I'm the life, I'm the truth, and the way.
...I placed the sword right back in the holster
I took the past, threw it back in ocean
Broke the chain, water dropped from a boulder,
Took the yoke offa my shoulders; (now I'm floating)

The old man chose to reflect
The tar in his lungs from the smoke in his breath-
-Rocks in a chair as he choke on regret
-Thoughts of the bloodshed holding his neck
...With no strength in his legs
He pace with a cane his head down in shame
His hands forever stained, he can't take the pain
Now he waits for his innocence, but... it never came
(he waits for his innocence, but... it never came)
(he waits for his innocence, but... it never came)
(he waits for his innocence, but... it never came)
So don't wait... let's keep moving.
So don't wait... let's keep moving.
So don't wait... let's keep moving.
Don't wait...
Let's keep moving.

Lyrics © NAK Music
Track Name: NAK x Amenomuraqumo (ft. Glenda&Gabbie Gonzales, Paul Abesamis) - Falls Down [Finale]
I want to give hope; but I find it kinda hard to find it myself.
Said a lot things, and I say what I mean... but you can’t see demons dine on my health
My pride seems so incurable. My life can’t get much worse.
This crack ain’t getting bigger I figure... that this mask is just too durable
-So give ear to song, now what do you hear? -So near to the sound, now what do you seek?
Tell me, God, tell me what do I need- tell me what do I need ‘till I feel complete.
...But I fall once more. Back to my feet with an oath; I swore
I swore that I never fall again -but all of it was said many times before

(Legitimate) I want that kind of a smile. (Diligent) I want that kind of a faith
(Honesty) Shine over lies I revile. (Honestly) -I think I’m kind of insane
....Wander the plain, in a place never been... (Floating) but I lost my place in the wind
Weather and the rain fell down the terrain... blue like Etta James, in a space full of a sin
--(We're strangers again) but my heart knows her; with a hard head growing off my shoulders
(False heart) two parts in a con art; too dark; too smart for a soft heart
Two faces fight for my motives... Like my soul’s bipolar.
In the end, sequals always suck so yo! -Let’s just start over

Over and over and over again...

...So how many times do I gotta to start over?
How many times did I fail You God? How many times did I promise You better?
Why have I not gotten all I deserve for my debt; tar me new feathers
Starve me and... render my rights as a member
leave me dismembered... char me with ember
-Splendor, you could be raising your scepter,
With a hand gesture, then I’m a spectre

Grace falls down on me!

my ambrosia’s a potent potion
of a flow precocious, atoned and focused
devotion; now you’re so prone to notice
(He anoints the mic) -right... before I hold it
Go, disciples, coast to coast and
Open... up your heart to the hurt and hopeless
Don’t fold -no matter how steep the slope is
We’ll overcome how tough the road is
Everyone run till your soles are molten
Not to us but the Lord has spoken
EntEr the heart like the soul’s an ocean
Dive in- Grace plus hope in motion.
Yes, it’s a place where the hope is alive
Open your eyes in the mind of a child
Until I’m whole again...
you pick me up all over again... over and over and over again.

Grace falls down on me!

Lyrics © NAK Music